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So you want to be a yoga teacher? This yoga business foundation course is for you: If you're thinking of investing what is a significant amount of money on a yoga teacher training programme - unless you've already got good business experience and you're clear how you want to use your yoga certification, I urge you to work through this coaching programme first.If you've already invested in your yoga teacher training but you're finding it's far harder than you ever imagined making a decent income from your new-found skills and knowledge. What we cover in this programme might just help you understand why it's not working for you - and help point you in the right direction. The truth is, Loving yoga is NOT enough to help you build a business which can generate an income you'd like or need.Most teacher training programmes cost thousands of pounds or dollars but give you less than a couple of hours of business support. (Some, none at all.)Being a brilliant yoga teacher does NOT generate you income. Understanding a bit about business DOES. Many yoga graduates who would make the most amazing teachers skimp on this - and end up broke, frustrated and with what they call "an expensive hobby."Run by a qualified coach and existing yoga teacher already building her own successful yoga niche, this is a crucial course to take BEFORE you begin to build a yoga career. Avoid the mistakes, the pitfalls and the traps which can seriously damage the passion which brought you to teacher training in the first place and which could cost you time, energy and a LOT of money. Instead, do the vital foundation work which will help you build a great yoga business THAT WORKS FOR YOU so you can: Generate the amount of income you've decided you need. Whether it's part time or full time you have to eat - right? Build a SUSTAINABLE career for you. There's absolutely NO point in burning out. What kind of teacher would you be then?Play to your strengths as a yoga teacher. Whoever you are - whatever your background, you will have a unique combination of experiences, strengths and talents which you could use to help you attract the right kind of students to you MUCH more easily. Understanding and leveraging this can significantly improve your chances of success.Successful careers or businesses don't happen by accident. They happen by design.This course focuses on helping you design the road map so you get there more quickly and with less hassle.How long is the course? Ten lectures - ranging between 6 and 20 minutes long, but with LOTS of interaction and exercises to help you REALLY start reflecting and shaping your personal yoga business strategy. More than just an online course:As you would expect there are:Teaching presentations using powerpoint videosSelf assessment questionnaires to help you work out the best business strategy for you right nowPdf handouts and useful links to other resources to help you plan your perfect yoga career. However, in addition you can access further support and coaching through: Course office hours to access tutor. Monthly office hours will be posted so you can speak to the coach/tutor and your fellow students direct.An online support group. Walk away from this programme with your own personal blueprint and 12 week action plan for your ideal yoga business or career.

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