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---Updated for July 2015---Anyone who has wanted to hire someone else has dealt with "independent contractors" and "employees" whether you know it or not. Hiring contractors rather than employees can save you $1,000s in wages and government compliance costs, but can also be a time bomb that can destroy your future business.This course GOES BEYOND providing simple answers to the "most common questions" like other courses. This course isn't a thinly-veiled sales advertisement for my services unlike many others.Instead, my aim is to discuss terms of use in REAL DEPTH so you'll come away from this either (A) understanding enough that you can write your independent contractor agreement OR (B) equipped with the information you need to save money and time when hiring an attorney.Other courses spend 45 minutes on patent law, copyright law, and trademark law. Here, I'm going to be spending several hours talking ONLY ABOUT CONTRACTOR AGREEMENTS because I want to provide the depth of information necessary de-mystify the process and take you step by step through it.Don't let the length scare you though, you only need to watch the sections that are relevant and useful to you....WHO AM I? I'm an intellectual property lawyer who works with creative professionals like web designers, game developers, and Youtubers. Some of my clients are the biggest internet personalities in the world with millions of Youtube subscribers, Twitter followers, and millions in endorsement deal revenue. But at the end of the day, they're still 1-5 employee creative businesses like the one you have or would like to start.WHY DID I CREATE THIS? I've advised literally 100's of aspiring creatives for free out of the kindness of my own heart over the years. To ensure that I could help as many people as possible, even the people who can't pay may rate as an attorney, I am building this course. My goal is to ensure that you take the path of least resistance and most reward in your creative and business endeavors. I used to be a filmmaker and own my own production business, so I want to give back to creators/entrepreneurs as much as possible.I want to empower you to understand of the law now so it doesn't get in your way later. Problems that are easy to solve now can cost a fortune to fix later....Over 340 students have currently enrolled in the course, so I'd encourage you to make the commitment to join them jump straight into the course now....WHAT YOU GET:30 Day money back guarantee! - If you don't like it, get your money backAvoid paying a lawyer 500 an hour for this general information. And if you do hire a lawyer, they'll spend more time actually "doing the work" instead of getting you up to speed.Learn that every person you pay has to be a formal employee UNLESS you can figure out how to classify them as a contractor. Learn the consequences for mis-classfication and how you can identify red flags and avoid them. The more information you have up front on why these laws are important, the more time you can save and costly legal fees you can avoid in the future.Go beyond copying template agreements you find online. Learn about how these copy/paste jobs may hurt you or your clients, and learn what each section does so you can edit your own great agreement from multiple templates.Certificate of CompletionDiscounts on future coursesLock in your price now. Since I'm going to be adding new content each week, the price of the course will raise. If you want to get that new content for free, now is the time to buy....ASK A QUESTION THROUGH THE DISCUSSION BOARD OF THE COURSE AND I'LL MAKE A PERSONAL VIDEO ANSWERING ITThis course is meant to be interactive. I'll be adding content to the course based on your questions, so you will have the opportunity to ask questions and get personal feedback (please note: I can't give specific legal advice in the discussion board)!...PLUS, YOU GET TWO BONUSES:-Fill In the Blank Legal Templates: I've included templates of independent contractor and consulting agreements, and other necessary disclaimers as downloadable PDF and DOC files. One template alone can cost $10-$100 anywhere else on the internet and I'm including them here.-Example Contracts from Publicly Traded Companies: I've tracked down and included REAL contracts from my own archives that include payment information, real milestone breakdowns and other information that is indispensable for coming up with how much you should charge and how you should structure your own delivery dates....***SPECIAL UDEMY BONUS - 15 MINUTE PERSONAL STRATEGY CALL (LIMIT 50)***Because I believe in your success and want to help anyone spends the time to help themselves, for the first 50 people that fully complete the course at 95% or higher I will jump on a personal 15-minute call with you to give you some basic tips to move forward and answer any lingering questions.If this hasn't been taken down this bonus is still available....SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE:This course has taken over 20 hours to create. Normally, I would charge $799 or $999 for a comprehensive course.Right now, I am keeping the price low for the Udemy community so I can continue to get feedback from you on how to make this the best course possible. Keep in mind, the current price is temporary and can raise at any time.Have some faith in the 30 day money back guarantee and order now

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