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One of the biggest challenges facing individuals looking for new opportunities for career advancement or job search in today’s economic environment is the fact that more often than not there are tens if not hundreds of candidates all with what appear to be very similar if not identical skills. Like scrums in rugby, Canadian politics and agile software development the hiring and promoting process is organized and proceeds usually in a formal prescribed way yet has this underlying sense of chaos attached to it. It requires the applicant to look calm, cool and collected. They must respond effectively in sound bites. But at the same time they must be able to change and modify their approach on the fly depending upon the challenges that the situation presents. So how does a candidate win this job search scrum? How do you ensure that you can: Be seen amongst the crowd? Heard above the roar of the stadium? Rise to the top of the list? Get that inside edge? And therefore, maximize the chance of success in landing that dream job or advance your career as you would like! The answer lies in effective competitive positioning. With over 3 hours of content including lecture, success story examples, conversational based Q & A 'Fireside Chats' , quizzes to test your understanding and a set of practical tools and templates that can be used to both plan and execute your new opportunity pursuit strategies, Clemson and Nuckles, partners at Globalinkage Consulting will show participants how the best elements of traditional competitive positioning can be effectively applied to the world of career advancement and job search. Each section begins with Employee Engagement Evangelist Gaye Clemson introducing the various concepts to be shared. This will be followed by a 'Fireside Chat' with Training and Development wizard, career planning coach and problem solver extraordinaire Marty Nuckles, followed by quizzes to test learnings. Excel based workbooks and tools will be provided to apply what has been learned to the student's personal situation. As a result of taking this course students will learn how to use important elements of competitive positioning to: - Better understand what hiring managers typically really want. - Know how to show and ask for the "Value Exchange'. - Realistically assess your viability as a candidate and - Improve the probability of winning that new position. .

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