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With The Rideshare Driver I will show you how to Consistently make $500 in 24 hours using rideshare apps UBER & LYFTMy 1st day using LYFT I made $27.20, after deducting gas, car wash and food I walked away with $1.50. I was a rookie driver making rookie mistakes. I had an Idea of where I wanted to drive but in the end I was at the right places at the WRONG time.NOW I have over 500 rides under my belt and KNOW how to consistently make $500+ in 24 hours.I will share with you WHAT to do on your first dayHOW to find the Hot SpotsHOW to compete against other driversHOW to make riders WANT to TIP you.HOW to counter EXPENSESHOW to fight back against UBER & LYFT lowering their fares and still make $500 in 24 hoursHOW to make EXTRA money WITHOUT turning the KEYPlus so much more that I CAN'T share on YOUTUBEI will reveal EXACTLY WHEN and WHERE I go to make the most money in the city of CHARLOTTE and you can use the same strategies for your city too.10 videosWith my videos you can hit the ground running and make more than $1.50 on your first day.I have ELIMINATED all the guess work !!!All you have to do is say YES and turn the key.

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