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Did you know that you can negotiate your medical bills down? Neither do most Americans! It is no surprise that the leading cause of bankruptcy in America is due to medical debt! Take this course to learn how to negotiate medical bills and arm yourself with the tools to prevent large future medical bills to save $1000's of dollars on your healthcare. These are the same tools that attorneys and medical billing advocates have been using for decades. You can put these same tools to work for you - take the course now to see how!What are you going to get from this course? Learn:How to Prevent Large Medical Bills by understanding the healthcare system and price-shopping your healthcare How to Spot Medical Billing Errors in your medical bills and save $100's to $1000's of dollars without any knowledge of the complex billing codesHow to Negotiate Medical Bills and Leverage your Financial Situation to get lower payments on your medical bills.How to Request your Medical Records, Appeal a Medical Claim Denial, and more! You can complete the course and start negotiating outstanding bills in less than 3 hours! The course is just useful content, no fluff or war stories. Start (and finish) the course today!The course is structured to first teach you how to prevent large medical bills and then take you step by step through the negotiation process including sample scripts and discount percentages that are reasonable in each situationAdditional Materials included:Financial Planning Worksheet, Medical Bill Organization Spreadsheet, Comprehensive E-Book Summary, Sample Form Letters for working with your Healthcare Providers and Insurance Company, Links to More ResourcesStart saving money on your medical expenses, take the course now!The course is updated through July 2015 to account for the Affordable Care Act and the most current billing practices in the United States. I will continue to update content with the changing healthcare industry.With Udemy, I have a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee - No questions asked! All the risk is on me. [*US Healthcare System only*]

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