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Do you have a book inside of you? Most people do! The problem is getting that book out and onto the page - and not just onto the page; but also out into the global marketplace.Where do you start?Can you really self publish your own book?This course provides an excellent introduction for anyone who may be toying with the idea of not just writing a book but taking the next step and actually publishing it.It's easier than you think!Perhaps you like to write short stories, poetry or maybe you even have a novel in progress that never seems to get finished. You've found the right course to finally get your writing out into the market where it belongs.This course will show you a simple method to format your manuscript using MS Word so that you can upload it directly to the Amazon KDP and Amazon CreateSpace Marketplace.You will also see how you can make a quality book cover using Photoshop in 5 minutes flat! Where to get royalty free graphics that you can use with no attribution required - even for commercial use.This short course can be completed in just a couple of hours. 30 minutes of video and several text based lectures. The three sections of the course covers:1 How to use MS Word to format a manuscript that will be accepted by Amazon.2 Evaluating the self-publishing opportunity. My strategy for approaching the self-publishing opportunity.3 Using Photoshop to make free book covers quickly and easily.Take the next step, enroll now and get yourself in gear! Learn to self-publish for fun and profit today. An easy introduction to a great work from home opportunity!

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Self-Publishing Primer: Basic steps for new writers. Deals on eBay Self-Publishing Primer: Basic steps for new writers. Deals on Amazon
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