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Course updated July 4th with 4 new videos!Life is a project and changing your life is a project. Everything today is a project. If you manage it, and that's what I do as a professional Project Manager, you increase your odds tremendously of being successful. By applying proven project management methods to the challenge of defining a Future You that is happy at work, you can be motivated to change your life and succeed. I've managed many multi-million dollar projects and I know, the best results are from teams of people who are motivated to succeed. I want you to be one of those people, with this most important project, becoming a Future You that is happy and challenged at work, every day.Is your dream job consist of lying on a beach all day and pressing a few buttons on your laptop once in a while as the money rolls in? Can you see yourself developing web sites, making videos, selling shirts or ebooks or whatever, using the many platforms out there to reach a worldwide audience? Is this really your future? Will you be happy? Or is it just about the money? Working at home? Learning technical skills? Take this course before you spend money on being a web developer or an EBay salesman or a YouTube creator or whatever you see advertised as a simple way to make $1,000 a week. Will this work make your happy and add meaningful work to every day? Only you know the answer, and everyone is different. Once you know your future you, you can take training and build experience and so on. But you are the key to a new, successful Future You.You first have to know yourself, to see if this really is what you want. Or maybe it's just that you know what you don't want to do, which is your current job. Anything is better than your current work. Too many courses are all about following in the footsteps of someone else who has "done it" and will show you how they succeeded. That's fine, if you are EXACTLY like them! But you are your own person, your individual motivations will not align with anyone else. You have a project that you define the successful outcome. What this course is all about is changing your work to align with what makes you happy. What motivates you to do your best work? Everyone is different. You have to define what you enjoy in order to find that rewarding job that will satisfy you. What you don't want to do is leap from one idea to another, spending energy and time and not finding what you need. You need to define yourself, plan your change, make it happen and measure success. Four steps that are hard, but I've organized them into the 3-3-4 conversation and template to guide you through your project. I use an example from my own life, when I wanted to be a screenwriter, and I succeeded in optioning a script but after all that work, I knew in my heart that this job wasn't for me. My personal goals were never aligned with what it took be a screenwriter. If I had been honest with myself instead of blindly pursuing my "dream" job, I would have saved a few years of my life towards something more rewarding. Yes, it was fun but not meaningful for me. So, learn from my example and follow my 3-3-4 conversation and template to discover your Future You project. Then make it happen. Say Hello to the Future You: Doing Meaningful Work You Enjoy. Don't be that Future You chasing yet another get rich quick scheme that ends in personal disappointment because the work is not aligned with your personal motivations and goals.

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