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The Rotolight Anova Barndoors are an ideal accessory to control beam output of the Anova LED light and limit “spill” lighting. The unique lightweight matte black 6-leaf hexagonal design folds flat against the fixture for easy storage.

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Elinchrom Barndoor Set - 21cm Professional

The Elinchrom 21cm Barndoor Pro Set includes includes a 21cm accessory holder, two 26x16cm barndoor leaves and two 21x15cm barndoor leaves (trapezium shape), four 20x15cm barndoor leaves (trapezium shape) and two 21x15cm barndoors (rectangular shape). It requres the use of a 21cm...



Hedler 4-Way Barndoor for Compact Heads

Usable up to a maximum of 2500w, the Hedler 4-Way Barndoor allows very precise control over the spread of the light with the 4 independently adjustable leaves mounted on a 360° adjustable frame. The optional Hedler Speedring C will be needed for use with the Light Units C 10 and...



Kino Flo Celeb 400 Barndoors

A set of four barndoors for the Kino Celeb 400, enabling you to shutter, flag and control the light. The doors may be mounted individually if desired.



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The Elinchrom 26006 Barndoor is a single leaf barndoor measuring 26cm x 16cm designed to fit the 26034 accessory holder which in turn will fit the 21cm reflector. Also available as part of a complete barndoor set 26037.



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Rotolight Neo Barn Doors

This set of aluminium barn doors and mounting knobs is for use with the Rotolight Neo on-camera LED lighting system. They will allow you to modify and shape the light; reducing the light pool and creating a sharp cut-off.



Elinchrom Barndoor - 44x25cm

A single Barndoor 44 x 25cm designed for use with the Elinchrom square 44cm reflector and the S35 fresnel spot.



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This barn door set is for use with the Hedler Hs, D- and F-Modelle / Classic heads, enabling much greater control of the light pool.



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Bowens 4-Way Barn Door and Gel Filter Holder for Maxilite Reflector

Designed for use with the Bowens Maxilite Reflector (BW1887) the 4-Way Barn Door and Gel Filter Holder gives greater control of light output and effects.


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