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This filter pack contains a range of 55 filters in a range of 27 differing colours, each sized 3.8x14cm in order to fit most Speedlites. The range of shades has been selected to create moonlight and streetlight effects and to aid experimentation with light painting. The sheets can easily be trimmed and folded in order to meet your specific requirements and attached via tape or other suitable means. Filter colours include: Theatre Booster 2, Third Blue, Three Quarter Blue, Daylight Blue, Night Blue, Azure Blue, Cool Blue, CalColor, Cyan, Light Straw, Medium Straw, Deep Straw, Quarter Straw, Half Straw, Full Straw, Medium Yellow, Golden Amber, Urban Vapour, Industrial Vapour, Storaro Red, Fire, Tough Minusgreen, Storaro Magenta, Royal Lavender, Gaslight Green, Pea Green, Chroma Green and Tough ½ White Diffusion.

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