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This filter pack contains an array of diffusers, each 30.5 x 30.5cm in size. The 15 diffusers include Tough Rolux, 3006 Tough Spun, Light Tough Spun, 1/4 Tough Spun, Tough Frost, Light Tough Frost, Opal Tough Frost, Light Opal Tough Frost, Tough Silk, Light Tough Silk, Tough White Diffusion, 1/2 Tough White Diffusion, 1/4 Tough White Diffusion, Light Tough Rolux and Powder Frost. The diffusers can be attached in front of a light source - from flashguns to LED lights and windows - in order to create a myriad of effects. The sheets can easily be trimmed and folded in order to meet your specific requirements. Suitable for videography, photography, mood lighting and crafts.

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