Rosco Colour Effects Filter Kit 20x24inch Stockists

This filter pack contains an array of filters - each 61 x 51cm in size - plus an internal folder. The 15 coloured filters – selected from amongst Rosco's most popular shades to create strong colour effects and enhance skin tones - include Lux 02 Bastard Amber, Lux 12 Straw, Lux 16 Light Amber, Lux 17 Light Flame, Lux 21 Golden Amber, Lux 26 Light Red, Lux 33 No Colour Pink, Lux 44 Middle Rose, Lux 47 Light Rose Purple, Lux 51 Surprise Pink, Lux 60 No Colour Blue, Lux 65 Daylight Blue, Lux 80 Primary Blue, Lux 89 Moss Green and Lux 93 Blue Green filters. The filters can be attached in front of a light source - from flashguns to LED lights and windows - in order to modify the hue and create a myriad of effects. The sheets can easily be trimmed and folded in order to meet your specific requirements. Suitable for videography, photography, mood lighting and crafts.

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