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This filter pack contains a range of 66 filters in a range of 33 differing colours, each sized 3.8x14cm in order to fit most Speedlites. The range of pure shades has been selected to predictably add or subtract colour from your shot. The sheets can easily be trimmed and folded in order to meet your specific requirements and attached via tape or other suitable means. Filter colours include: Blue 15, Blue 30, Blue 60, Blue 90, Cyan 07, Cyan 15, Cyan 30, Cyan 60, Cyan 90, Green 15, Green 30, Green 60, Green 90, Yellow 15, Yellow 30, Yellow 60, Yellow 90, Red 15, Red 30, Red 60, Red 90, Magenta 15, Magenta 30, Magenta 60, Magenta 90, Pink 15, Pink 30, Pink 60, Pink 90, Lavender 15, Lavender 30, Lavender 60 and of course: Lavender 90.

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