Rosco 30.48x30.48cm Cinegel Sampler (Variety) Filter Kit Stockists

The Rosco 30.48x30.48cm Cinegel Sampler Kit is an all-purpose selection of the most popular Cinegel products. There are twelve Rosco light control materials for the photographer. Included are materials for diffusion, reflection, colour effects and mixed-light colour correction (strobes, tungsten, "hotlights", or cool white fluorescents).

Bargain Deal: £22.00

Rosco 30.48x30.48cm Cinegel Sampler (Variety) Filter Kit Deals on eBay Rosco 30.48x30.48cm Cinegel Sampler (Variety) Filter Kit Deals on Amazon
Bargain PricedRosco 30.48x30.48cm Cinegel Sampler (Variety) Filter Kit£22.00Visit Store

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