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Meet Jane. Jane wants to learn medicine, but she's afraid. She is afraid that she will not be good enough and that she won't survive the difficult exams.Meet Eric. Eric always wanted to become a developer, but he found it impossible to learn a new language from scratch. Everyone wants to shine, to reach new limits and to be the best that they can be at what they desire to become. The only question is what is preventing you to reach that goal?I want you to notice something- It doesn't matter if you want to become a better programmer, study medicine, become a lawyer, fly an airplane or to learn how to invest in stocks and become a millionaire -you need to absorb lots of information, and you need to do it fast.In this course, I have a single goal: to help you to remove what is preventing you from being better and faster learner.You will learn how to increase you memory dramatically and to be able to remember hundreds of: names, passwords, telephone numbers, formulas and texts such as notes for your up and coming public speech or your next exam.Your story begins right here, where you will acquire the tools that will help you to shine. In this course you will learn:How to remember any kind of information more intuitively by using your imaginationMemorize large lists that are important for you, by large i mean 100+ items in a list.How to convert boring information that your mind tends to forget into an images that will stay in your mind foreverhow to learn new languages at super speedAnd so much moreOnce you will Join this course, you will also be a part of a community that will help you to break down the challenges that are ahead of you and to learn any new skill that you'll wish in ease.

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