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“Building the right product requires systematically and relentlessly testing that vision to discover which elements of it are brilliant, and which are crazy" - Eric Ries, Lean StartupLearn one of the most sought after skills of 2015: Rapid prototypingWhats the difference between an entrepreneur or product manager that finds the right idea, brings stakeholders on board, and effectively communicates their vision and one that doesn't?A prototypeYes, the ability to make prototypes can work wonders with your startup or organization.A prototype allows you to not just imagine a product, but make it real.No more spreadsheets or vague verbal descriptions. Show your users and your team exactly what you want and get taken seriously.Whether you're a 1 person solopreneur, or part of a larger organization you need to be able to effectively turn ideas into real tangible, working demos. This course is focused on giving you, the digital professional, the ability to rapidly assemble and deploy working web & mobile prototypes in just a few hours.The best part about this? We're going to do all of this without code. No programming, no technical books to study, no distractions from what you do best. Why you should learn how to rapid prototype:EntrepreneursLaunch your MVP for free and start getting real user feedback todayCut through the fundraising noise and show investors something they can understand, a real productStop guessing what feature is essential to your vision. Prototype it and test it this morning and by the afternoon have your answers.Cut your contracting costs by 50% and save yourself the headaches of misunderstandings and poorly compiled project specs.Product ManagersStop bugging your developer team to make incremental changes that they don't understand. Show them exactly what you need done and keep them out of the “is it worth it" debateTest out new features and get user feedback before you make major changesGet organizational approval for initiatives by letting then USE the exact thing you're proposingDesignersBring some life to your PSDs and make them interactive.Bridge the gap between design and development by removing any chance for miscommunication or misunderstanding.Get more accurate feedback from users & reviewers by deploying your designs in browser and on their phones.Growth hackersCut your experiment iteration time in half and stop overloading your developer resourcesWeb & marketing agenciesGet more projects approved and increase your billable hours by pitching your clients with prototypesNever waste time and money building something incorrectly. Prototype it and find out exactly whether you're on the right path.Win over prospective clients by rapidly building their proposal and demo-ing it back to you them. A huge advantage in the client acquisition game!There's no course like this online. I'm going to walk you through step by step how you can take an idea, conceptualize the requirements, and roll out a polished and professional prototype, without touching any code.If you're trying to be successful online, do yourself a favor and learn this incredibly valuable skill.Like with any of my courses, I'm here 24/7 to help you with your project. Any question, any project. Consider me your personal tutor on making your project a success.EvanP.S. Of course, if you're ever unhappy with the course in any way I'll personally refund you your purchase price. No questions asked. Just message me “refund" and I'll refund you within a day.\n

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