Profit from Passion: How to Make Money Investing in Art Stockists

Learn the structure, functioning and principles of one of the most complex and unregulated investment markets so that you can make profitable investments buying and selling Art!This course will teach you how to make a profitable investment in Art Art's Investment AppealArt Market Secrets, Functioning and OverviewThe Most Profitable Factors affecting Art's ValueHow Art Diversifies Your PortfolioHow You can Make Money from the Most Attractive Alternative Asset ClassTraditional investment assets have been shown to be very susceptible to market crashes over the past 100 years. Furthermore, risk premium for equity is at historically high levels and fixed Income markets are relatively unattractive due to very low interest rates. Art can be the perfect passion investment for individuals looking to invest for a long-term and what an incredible piece of irreplaceable beauty hanging on their walls.Content and Overview Firstly, you will learn why Art is a good investment and how the Art market functions. From there, you will learn the key factors that maximise your profit when investing in art. The course will also explain how you can invest in different types of art that have different risk/return composures. Lastly, you will learn how art can have a significantly positive impact on a traditional portfolio by increasing return and decreasing risk.WARNING: As with any investment you may sustain losses from investing in Art. This course is not liable for any profit or loss any party may incur.

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