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Introducing the Professional Tee System (PTS) by Pride Golf Tees. These tees are available in 4 different lengths ranging from 2 & 1/8" to 4" (the longest golf tee allowed by USGA rules). Each high quality wood golf tee has a unique color marking system for easy identification. Available in the following styles: A Proprietary system of colour coded golf tees that allows for easy identification of length and appropriateness for various golf clubs SHORTEE 2 1/8 inch - 53mm (120 tees) - Perfect for irons and low profile fairway woods PROLENGTH 2 3/4 inch - 69mm (100 tees) - For most 3 4 and 5 woods and moderate volume drivers PROLENGTH PLUS 3 1/4 inch - 83mm (75 tees) - Best for drivers over 360cc PROLENGTH-MAX 4 inch - 101mm (50 tees) - Maximise the impact angle with the longest tee allowed by the USGA (Used by many long drive champions)

Bargain Price: £5.95

Pride Professional Tee System (PTS) Golf Tees Deals on eBay Pride Professional Tee System (PTS) Golf Tees Deals on Amazon
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