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This useful, innovative and unique battery charger will recharge up to 4x AA, 4x AAA Rechargeable Batteries or a mixture of the two at any one time, thanks to its independent charging feature. You don't even need to charge the same make of battery at the same time as this clever little device will charge any make or model of AA or AAA battery simultaneously. AA rechargeable batteries can be inserted straight into the unit, whilst AAA's can be used via the included adaptors. If you wish to recharge 4x AAA batteries at the same time, the kit contains an adaptor which is stored securely within a small compartment at the base of the Powerchimp4A unit. Simply take that out, insert it into the top of the battery tray and then insert your AAA batteries. If you wish to charge only one or two AAA batteries, use our AAA adaptor tubes. Insert your AAA batteries into the tubes and then pop them into the battery tray - in any of the slots! You don't have to have a battery in every slot, the versatile Powerchimp4A's independent charging feature means that it will only supply power to the slot in use, not all four. The Powerchimp4A will take approximately 8 hours to recharge 4x AA batteries fully. Once the batteries that require charging are in place, slide the unit shut. Power the unit via USB (the Powerchimp4A has a micro USB input socket and comes with a connection cable) from your computer or via any of our award-winning portable chargers. Initially all 4 of LEDs at the top of the unit will light up red. As the powerchimp4A works out which slots are in use, the lights will stay or go off accordingly. One the battery inside is fully charged, the relevant LED with turn green. The Powerchimp4A also has a 5V output so you charge your 5v devices if required, making this product great if you're on the go. The Powerchimp 4A is a useful accessory to the Powertraveller range, charging batteries so they can be used in outdoor equipment such as head torches, GPS and Navigation systems, 2-way radios and any other device which runs from AA/AAA batteries. Works With: iPhones/Smart Phones Mobile Phone iPods/MP3/MP4 PSP/Hand-held/Games Consoles Sat-Navs/GPS Head Torches Batteries Will Also Work With: PSP/Hand-held/Games Consoles Sat-Navs/GPS Head Torches In the box: Powerchimp4A Charger Unit 2x AAA Adaptor Tubes AAA 4-Way Adaptor USB to Micro USB Connection Cable Micro USB to Female USB Output Cable AA Rechargeable Batteries

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