Phottix Indra Battery Pack 5000mAh Lithium-ion Stockists

The Indra Battery Pack is a lot of power in a compact unit. When used with the Indra500 TTL Studio Light it allows photographers to shoot 360 full power shots (High-Speed Mode). Its dual power ports can power two Indra500 TTL Studio Lights simultaneously, perfect for on-location work. The Battery Pack’s LED display provides instant visual feedback on power remaining in the 5000 mAh cells. The Li-ion cells can be easily changed – running out of power is no longer a worry.   Allows for easy charging of Smart Phones or Tablets It can also power hot shoe flashes With cables compatible for Phottix, Canon, Nikon or Sony flashes   Package Includes 1 - Mounting Bracket 1 - hook and loop Strap 1 - 30 gels

Bargain Deal: £352.00

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