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The Phot-R Dummy IR Dome Camera is a professional dummy CCTV camera which can be used either indoors or outdoors. It is made to look like the real thing with the fake red IR LED which flashes and appears very realistic. The dummy camera cannot be used to protect and/or secure properties, but they act as a great deterrent. By installing a dummy camera, you can take full advantage of this effective deterrent. When placed in your home or business, this device will make any potential intruder think twice, even the most sophisticated criminals will think the premise is guarded by a high-tech surveillance system and go in search of an easier target. The camera works on 2 AA batteries (not included) for the built in flashing LED, which flashes in 2 second intervals). It is also supplied with 3 mounting screws, 2 wall plugs and a CCTV warning sticker. Installation of this dummy camera is quick and easy. This camera is also available in White. Please note:If using this product outdoors, be sure to place the camera in a safe sheltered area so it is protected from extreme weather conditions. This product has an IP20 waterproof rating. This dummy CCTV camera is a brilliant security utility. They are a realistic replica of the real thing and are designed to deter thieves and trespassers without the need of expensive video surveillance.The dummy camera is dome shaped and hi-tech in appearance. Just attach to any wall or post with the mounting screws and wall plugs (both included). Quick and easy to setup. With no wiring, this camera can be used both indoors and outdoors. The dome is adjustable so you can point the camera in any direction.If using outdoors, make sure it is in a safe sheltered area so it is protected from extreme weather conditions. It has an IP20 rating making it protected from touch by fingers but not waterproof.Dummy camera has a built in flashing red LED light which flashes in 2 second intervals making it more realistic. You will need 2x AA batteries (not included) to activate the LED light. Includes : 3x Phot-R White Dummy IR Dome Camera 1x CCTV Warning Sticker 3x Mounting Screws 2x Wall Plugs Phot-R products come with a 1 year limited warranty. Fake LED Light making it appear to be realistic camera Installation is quick and easy Designed to deter thieved and trespassers Can be used both indoors and outdoors Can point camera in any direction

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