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Phot-R Continuous Umbrella Lighting Kit with Aluminium Reflector Dishes provides instant feedback on how your lighting will look in the exposed image, allowing you to adjust the angle and intensity of the lighting quickly and visualize the shot more easily. They can also do double duty as video lights. This kit is ideal for portraits in a confined area or product photography and can be combined with a light pod or pop up light tent. If you have been trying to shoot pictures with an accurate colour representation of the items you are photographing, it is very likely that you have been relying on special filters and/or software editing to improve the results. With the Phot-R Lighting Kit, this may well be a thing of the past. Rather than providing inferior quality 6400K 50-80 CRI light bulbs, this Includes two high quality 5500K 90+ CFL fluorescent bulbs.They emitvery little heat unlike the more common photo bulb choices, also a safety precaution. Set-up is easy. The result is 5500K light output that's ideal for taking digital shots by collectors, arts and crafts hobbyists, sellers, archivists, and desktop publishers. The lighting kit can also be used for DV talking head shots, digital still portraits, and webcam desktop video conferencing. This Lighting Kit is perfect for portraits, studio, photography and video.It can be set up within minutes to offer you professional results.Set up in minutes to offer you professional flicker-free results Light stands are great for any heavy duty work. It has a quick solid single action locks allowing you to make fast precise height adjustment and ensure safety of your equipment when in use. The height can be adjusted between 80 and 200cm. A carry case is included in this kit making it easy for transporting and protects your itemsfrom dirt, dust and damage. 2x Soft Translucent White Umbrellas with holderscan spread the light evenly for the best shots possible. Can deliver great skin tone and contrast, perfect for your studio or set. 2x high quality E27 150Wx2 = 300W CFL fluorescent bulbs, equivalent to 750Wx2 = 1500W, are included with a colour temperature of 5500K and CRI (Colour Rendering Index) of 90+ which provides a true daylight balanced light. So no need to rely on special filters or editing softwareto get an accurate colour representation of items you are photographing With continuous lighting, it makes this kit extremely easy to use as you can visually see exactly where the light patterns are. You can maintain the same studio light setup while switching between image captures and videos. Includes: 2x 33" White/Translucent Umbrellas 2x Bulb Holders 2x Aluminium Reflector Dishes 2x 150W Fluorescent Bulbs 2x 2m Light Stands 1x Carrying Bag Phot-R products come with a 1-year limited warranty. 2x high quality 750W bulbs providing true daylight balance Provides accurate colour representation so no filters needed Maintain the same studio light setup 2 adjustable heavy duty light stands included Carry case for easy transportation and protecting equipment

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