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This Softbox is designed to offer the ultimate in soft light with consistent edge-to-edge coverage. It comes with a S-Type Speedring which has a locking nut allowing the softbox to rotate to the correct angle. Inside is a reflective silver colour helping to brighten or warm the light. Included is a removable front and inner diffuser, great for speedlites, mono light, strobe or slaves. All our softboxes have the ability to accept an optional Honeycomb Grid directing the beam of light by eliminating the edge light, for a more focused spread, precise control and softer shadow definition. We have chosen materials which insures consistent performance and durability. Fluorescent dyes, which cause a blue colour shift, have been avoided in their construction. UV coating has been employed for colour consistency while special heat-resistant materials expand the capabilities of these softboxes to allow use of hot lights up to 650W. Waterproofing not only makes for easy maintenance, but prevents fading and discolouration, ensuring colour consistency over time.The 'L' Flash Bracket for Sony is a compact, lightweight and durable speedlite flash bracket. Constructed of sturdy aluminium and ergonomically designed for comfort and durability, which allows you to attach your flashgun vertically. It allows the use of any softbox with a Bowens speedring to be used with a flashgun. It can be easily mounted on most light stands. The adjustable cold shoe allows use with multiple types of flashguns. The height of the bracket and distance of the mount from the speed ring can be adjusted to cater for different flashgun size. The large size makes it desirable for fashion photography, portraits and medium to large sized product shots. A must have for location shooting Independent mono-bloc flash heads designed for digital and film cameras. There is plenty of power for small portrait and commercial work.The unique shape and large surface area of these softboxes creates natural catchlights in the eyes, making them ideal for head and shoulders portraiture. They offer light output, with a slimmer profile to accommodate space constraints.The softbox is 8-sided and opens and closes like an umbrella making it more convenient to transport and quick and easy to assemble/disassemble – much easier than a rod-construction as this item opens like a regular umbrella – saving you precious time on set. Includes 5cm of Velcro lining to the front, which allows compatibility with honeycomb or egg-crate grids and the included diffusers.Removable front and inner diffusers for versatility in refining the hard/soft ratio of flash light. They help to minimise the possibility of hotspots and give an even spread of light. Can be used together for maximum softening of the output. Removing the inner diffuser gives you a more crisp light quality with higher contrast, while shedding the front and inner diffusers turns the softbox into a large reflector with maximum brightness and contrast.The bracket allows you to add the Bowens mount lighting accessories to get creative lighting effects. It allows you to use your flash with any Bowens fitting softbox, beauty dish, snoot and reflector. Includes : 1x 120cm Softbox 1x Front & Inner Diffuser 1x Carry Case 1x 'L' Flash Bracket Phot-R products come with a 1 year limited warranty. Reflective interior brightens the light to better suit the subject y Removable front and inner diffuser helps minimise hotspots y Honeycomb Grid can be added using velcro lining y bracket allows you to add Bowens mount lighting accessories Umbrella styles softbox

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Phot-R 120cm Octagon Bowens Softbox with 'L' Shaped A Deals on eBay Phot-R 120cm Octagon Bowens Softbox with 'L' Shaped A Deals on Amazon
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