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We focus on the wrong things. We obsess over WHAT to eat and what not to eat but that's not where the battle is won or lost. We have repeatedly failed not because we don't understand what to eat but rather because we haven't gained control over WHY we eat. We know what to do. Diet plans abound telling us "eat this, not that". The rules are clear and plentiful. But failure sneaks up on us when emotions get involved. Stress eating. Emotional eating. Social sabotage. Self-limiting behaviors. To break free from the dieting cycle and permanently achieve and maintain our results we don't need another diet plan or food list. We need to squarely face off with what has held us back and master WHY we eat. From there, transformation becomes effortless. This course will take you through analyzing, understanding and overcoming emotional eating, identifying self-imposed triggers and limiting beliefs and help you take control of your choices, your potential and your innate power. It's not about your resources, it's about your learned resourcefulness. It's not about your plan, it's about your power. It's not about your appetite, it's about your emotions.This is the missing link. This is the key to your results. This is what matters. This is what works. Enough with the food lists, rules, plans and programs. Master your mind and you can achieve anything with ease. This is where we do that. Together. Finally.

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