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The perfect replacement for a faded or worn grip or suitable for an upgrade. This grip is designed for the Divine Putter range.Details: Suitable for Odyssey Putters Odyssey branding Original and official grip

Bargain Price: £9.95

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Garsen Max Quad TP Grip

Garsen Golf G-Pro Quad Tour Proto Midsize Putter Grip - A Profile Like No OtherDeveloped with input from top players & putting coaches on the PGA Tour the QUAD TourProto is Garsen's redesign of the traditional style putter grip.As with all Garsen grips it's the unique shape that makes the difference. The angles on the sides of the QUAD create a set up similar to the G-Pro MAX grip but allows your thumbs to placed at the front.The square lower section of the profile further minimises disconnection in your hands promoting a more stable putting stroke.garsen-golf-g-pro-quad-tour-proto-midsize-putter-grip-profile.jpgThe New Hand Placement Promotes A Relaxed Ergonomic Neutral Position. Encourages your elbows to turn in towards your body and your shoulders to be set back Promotes a smoother outward stroke through better shoulder rotation. Relieves arm and shoulder tension and inhibits wrist action taking the hands out of the putting stroke. Golf Grip SpecificationsWeight: 85gSize: 0.5

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Superstroke S Tech Club Grip

Features: Soft tacky premium rubber compound Excellent feel / feedback Cross traction surface texture Non slip surface Standard diameter

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Liverpool Golf Putter Grip

Customise your putter towards Liverpool and really show your support with this official putter grip.These putter grips are officially licensed and feature original club branding.Manufactured in official club colours with two club logos. This high quality compound putter grip feels great and will suit all golfers.

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Golf Pride MCC Plus4 Align Corded Grip

Tour-inspired larger lower hand design simulates the feel of 4 extra layers of tape for lighter grip pressure and more power. ALIGN Technology now available in this hybrid grip is the first with a raised ridge assisting hand alignment to square the clubface and improve your swing consistency.RAISED RIDGE ENSURES CONSISTENCY & ALIGNMENTRAISED RIDGEWhen installed on a shaft the red ridge rises allowing for consistent hand placement and heightened clubface awareness throughout the swing promotes a square clubface both at address and impact.LARGER LOWER HANDThe larger outside diameter simulates the feel of building up the grip with four extra wraps. This reduced taper encourages lighter grip pressure promoting less tension in the hands and creating more fluidity and power throughout the swing.ALL-WEATHER CONTROLOur exclusive Brushed Cotton Cord fuses moisture-wicking cotton fibers into a new soft rubber material for added stability in any conditions.Specification: Size Weight Core Size

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Odyssey Swirl Putter Grip

Features bold styling enhanced feel and versatile design.Features:Bold StylingTour-inspired looksEnhanced FeelTactile construction for great gripVersatile DesignPistol-shaping fits with wide variety of hand sizes

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