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Nemesis Fishing Line The Fishing Line has a superior abrasion resistance making sure of excellent performance. The line is very strong, consistent and very reliable. Available in five different breaking strains and two colour ways. > Fishing Line > 5 Different Breaking Strains > 2 Colours > 4oz - 100g spools > Versatile > Strong > Reliable Crystal 18Lbs

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Shakespeare Omni Fly Line

Shakes Omni Fly Line The Shakes Omni Fly Line is a premium line with a beautifully even taper, ultra smooth coating and superb suppleness regardless of weather. Shakes Omni Fly Line > Easy to cast line which loads the rod quickly > Super smooth coating that aids shoot ability and distance. > Supple and virtually memory free > Floating > Line length: 28 yards Multi Medium

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Silstar Vacuum Line

Silstar Vacuum Line The Silstar Vacuum Line is a new generation of monofilament line which is packed under laboratory conditions at zero atmospheres to ensure peak performance and minimal deterioration. Silstar Vacuum Line > Minimize line deterioration > Better flexibility > Stable knot strength > Less spool memory White 0.27mm

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Maver Classic J Line

Maver Classic J Line The Maver Classic J Line is designed to cope with all challenges of modern freshwater angling. The mono is ideal for carp, barbel, salmon and even specimen sea fish. This fishing reel line is supple surface and extra low memory will enable the angler to set the hook firmly. Maver Classic J Line > Superb knot strength > Low diameter > Very soft and supple > Sinking line > 300 meter spools Multi 10.8lb

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Maver Pellet Waggler

Maver Pellet Waggler The Maver Pellet Waggler have been manufactured using high density foam. making them ultra-buoyant. Available in 5 weights. Maver Pellet Waggler > Available in 5 weights > 2 SSG > 3 SSG > 4 SSG > 5 SSG > 6 SSG Multi 2SSG

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Maxima Line 600M

Maxima Line 600M The Maxima Line 600M is ideal for all types of Coarse fishing. All Maxima Fishing Line guarantee not only the superb performance of individual features, but also the high functional interplay of breaking strain, stretch, memory, suppleness and invisibility under water that is most decisive for catching your fish successfully. Available in breaking strains 2lb, 2.5lb , 3lb, 4lb, 5lb, 6lb, 8lb, 10lb, 12lb , 15lb and 18lb. Maxima Line 600M > Specially formulated to change colour > Absorbs rather than reflects light > Chameleon becomes invisible > Presents your lure or bait most naturally > Offers excellent knot strength > 600 Metres per spool Brown 2.5lb

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Chub Sack Extension Cord

Chub Sack Extension Cord The Chub Sack Extension Cord has a standard 3/8 BSF screw fitting at one end and a durable, high impact plastic, quick release/quick fixing clip. Especially useful when fishing low oxygenated margins when it is important for the sack to reach deeper oxygenated water. > Fishing Accessories > 3 metre length > Sack extension cord > 3/8 BSF screw fitting > High impact plastic quick release > Chubs branding > High quality Multi 3m

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Silstar Dyneema Briad

Silstar Dyneema Braid The Silstar Dyneema Braid is unmatched value in hi-tech Super line! giving maximum strength and smoothness, ideal for spinning, specialist fishing and salt water fishing. Silstar Dyneema Braid > Spin for pike, zander, perch > Use it for barbel, chub and any other river fishing where low stretch lines are needed > Available in 115 meter spools and 10 meter spools 10 metre spool 48lb

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Berkley Ironsilk Fishing Line

Berkley Ironsilk Fishing Line The Berkley Ironsilk Fishing Line ahs been developed with a built in molecular reinforcing network that improves the abrasion resistance, durability and fighting power at a thinner diameter. > Fishing line > Built in molecular reinforcing network > Smooth surface for long and smooth casts > Abrasion resistance even over zebra mussels and oyster beds 6LB 300YD

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Berkley Sensation Line

Berkley Sensation Line The Berkley Sensation Line is combined with its small diameter make this multi-polymer a reliable and manageable line choice. The Berkley Trilene Sensation Professional Grade in Green possesses a high abrasion-resistance and remarkable knot strength that will stand up to the most extreme conditions. Additionally, the Berkley Trilene Sensation Professional Grade in Green is also very sensitive and allows anglers to detect the most subtle bites. When money is one the line, make sure you have the line that will get you the money – the Berkley Trilene Sensation Professional Grade in Green. Berkley Sensation Line > Low visibility line > Good knot strength > Good value for money Green 2.0lb

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Carp Kinetics Konnection Line

Carp Kinetics Konnection Line The Konnection Line range comprises two camo patterns for stealth in the water with two-tone Weed Green and Clay Brown, plus an invisible Fluoro designed to disappear in even the clearest of water conditions. The fluorocarbon coated version is a fast sink mono and like the two camo lines offers a robust, high abrasion resistance with low diameter and low visibility. > Carp Kinetics Line > Supplied in protective tins > 4 Breaking Strains 8lb, 10lb, 12lb, 15lb > 3 Colours > 1000m Spools Clay Brown 10.0lb

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