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++++++++Updated: June 2015 - 10 Practice Assignments, 6 Demos and 1 Downloadable Worksheet just added - more than 35 min of NEW video material!++++++++Today, you can change the way you run from a style that's damaging to your knees and hip joints with every running step you make - literally - to a style that will enable you to practice running for life - injury free!This style is called Natural Running - and it's based on our anatomical design! Simple as that.Let me explain..We humans can move by foot through space in two different ways only - by walking, and by running.So far so good.. What's the problem?The problem is this: almost all of us know how to walk correctly, but almost none of us know how to run correctly! I'm serious!The incorrect running technique - the technique that most runners actually use - is not only inefficient but outright dangerous!Chances are high that you are one of those people who do NOT know how to run correctly! That's the bad news!But, there is good news! And, the good news is getting rid of the dangerous unnatural running technique and adopting the anatomically correct running technique requires one amazingly simple change.. and 20-30 steps! That's how many steps you will need to take in order to feel the difference, remember the sensation and learn what you need to do in your next run!By the way, I don't blame you for possibly being one of these unfortunate runners! I was just like you.I used to run using a bad and dangerous running technique until about 10 years ago... when things suddenly changed for me (it was a tiny book I read).And, because of this change I made 10 years ago... I haven't had a single running-related injury at all! I run faster I run better, and I run for longer.. if that's what I wantIn this course I will show you the change I made, so you can make the same change yourself!Every minute you delay learning the Natural Running technique is potentially getting you one step closer to your next running-related injury!Enroll now!++++++++Hi, I'm Ivan.I have dedicated my life to studying how the human body works and what makes it work even better. I am a life-long athlete and my athletic endeavors have taught me to easily distinguish between body movements that are good for my health and overall fitness and those that are not. I can easily tell what is outright damaging... I experiment on myself personally - all the time!In all the years I've been an athlete and in all the sports and movements I've practiced and attempted - some worked, most didn't. From some I suffered injuries, some left me unharmed, some made me better, stronger, faster and healthier.In this course I am sharing with you the technique of Natural Running - the exact running technique which we all used before civilization took over our lifestyles! And, the exact running technique we (almost) all have conveniently forgotten!I want to help you go back to what is anatomically the better way for you to run! Incidentally, this better way will also make you more efficient, and in time - more fit - because you will be able to practice running - as an exercise or sport - for as long as you want to, and not for as long as it takes to get the next knee, hip or lower back injury!This course is for you regardless of whether you are an absolute beginner or you are a life-long runner! All that is required is two legs, a desire to learn about running and desire to keep the health of your joints!If you are a beginner - that's great! You will learn what is the right way to run - before you get injured.. And, you will be able to continue injury-free possibly for life - if that's what you want (and I hope that you do want that!).If you are an advanced runner - you will be able to correct a previous bad running technique in no time! If you have current running-related injuries you will know how to avoid future injuries. You will also find new ways to become better, more efficient in your running - I mean faster while using less energy!Just like everything in life, this Natural Running course, too, is NOT for everybody!This course is NOT for you...If you plan to walk all your life and never attempt to runIf you are disabled in some way and cannot runIf you don't fall into one of these two categories above then you certainly want to be able to move through space by foot via both ways available to us humans - walking and running.And, if that's the case you absolutely must use the anatomically proper way of running - Natural Running. If that's not the case, you may be very close to your first or next running-related injury.. And, not to scare you but one of these might be your last.. And, then you are back to walking only.So, enroll in this course now! This knowledge will serve you your entire life and it will forever change the way you move when you run. The price of this course is a small price to pay for keeping the health of your joints and for becoming a more efficient human animal!~ Ivan

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