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Tune yourself up to the right learning track with Victoria's Intervals and Transposition Course.In this unique course, Victoria Williams shares her knowledge and musical expertise to debunk the confusion and misconceptions related to intervals and transposition, in a little less than an hour.This video course turns the study intervals and transposition studying into an easy, entertaining and comprehensive learning experience, through a powerful but simple teaching framework that will get you started in no time.Aimed at candidates taking the graded ABRSM music theory exams, this course will ensure that intervals and transposition will become a part of the exam you actually look forward to!Topics in the course include:: Harmonic and melodic intervals Interval qualities (major, minor, perfect, augmented and diminished) Simple and compound Interval numbering Exam-style questions (working with intervals in a music score) Transposition basics Transposition methods The training course provides full Q/A support, along with loads of practical activities available on PDF format that will lead you to substantially improve your ability to understand, write and compose your own original music pieces.

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