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If you are taking the ABRSM Grade 6 Music Theory exam, this unique course will help you get top marks.Many people find that working under exam conditions, without access to a piano or similar, makes music composition a difficult task. Others may have a natural talent for crafting a good tune, but are perhaps unsure of the specific requirements set out by the ABRSM examining board - just what are you supposed to write? And what makes a composition good or bad - is it completely subjective? (No!)In this course, I will set out the marking criteria for you in a clear and structured way, so you know exactly what it is you are supposed to be writing.You'll then learn how to complete your composition according to the expectations of the examiners, and you'll discover that with just a knowledge of scales, chords and intervals a beautiful composition can be invented even if you can't hear it in your head.You'll learn specifically how to work with rhythmic and melodic ideas and to adapt them, how to create a plausible and confident harmonic structure, and how to create an effective modulation to any related key: to the dominant, subdominant or relative major/minor.The course includes detailed explanations, (without overloading you with superfluous information), real-time worked compositions in a major and minor key, worked out before your eyes, and lots of freebie downloads including lesson summaries, exercises and compositions to work through yourself. I'll also offer feedback on your personal exam-question compositions, if you post them in the discussion section. After teaching music theory for many years, I've seen hundreds (if not thousands!) of grade 6 compositions, and know exactly what kind of mistakes candidates make. I'd love to help you this time around, and work with you to getting top marks in your exam.Send me a message (click on my name) if you have any questions about this course, and do take a look at the videos marked "preview" in the list below, to see what's in store!

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