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In this course we will discuss how to solve a quadratic using many different techniques. All quadratics can be solved but the best way to solve them can be up for debate. In my other courses we specifically tell you which method to use to solve. This course is designed to help you determine which method is the best to solve the given quadratic. We will start off by going over what you will need to know to complete this course and provide essential definitions and processes. Next you will be given a set of problems to work through. If you get stuck or want to check your answer, each problem is accompanied with a step by step tutorial showing you how to solve the quadratic. We will end the course with a summary of helpful tips and tricks to remember as well as common mistakes to avoid. A set of essential questions is added to help you round off your understanding of the material and a set of challenge questions to test your skills. This course is designed to take 1-3 days to complete and can be used as a refresher course or a tool for your own learning.

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