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**UPDATED JULY 2015** - Called "The most comprehensive and tactical course on making and marketing highly profitable courses on Udemy."You may have seen other courses on “how to dominate on Udemy" on here…Before I get into exactly why this is different and what you'll learn here that only a small percentage of people who've replaced their full time income with passive earnings on Udemy here's what I've done:Drove over 29,000+ Students to my coursesMade over $100,000 in passive income on Udemy (and growing)Generated over 480+ positive student reviewsUsed the momentum built here to develop my own platform mailing list of over 15,000+ subscribers and a top 20 business podcast on iTunesIn this course, you'll learn step by step and get of insider's view of how to create the same results.Creating a course isn't too tricky...the real secret sauce is understanding how to market the heck out of it and set it up smart so that it markets itself and builds your personal platform which is exactly what I'll be teaching you.Whether your goal is to create your first course and have no idea to start or you're looking to double your sales from your existing courses on the platform this has plenty of meaty tactics for you.We'll cover the basics of creating your course, but also more advanced strategies and resources like: Multiple ways you can drive 1000's of students to your course in a day Levers to increase your ranking in the Udemy marketplace How to implement a simple testing procedure every few week to maximize your revenue All the sites you can promote your course to drive Students off of Udemy The 80/20 for setting your course up for optimum passive income How to structure content to automatically grow your personal platform Strategies to maximize the number of people that click "buy" when they see your course There's plenty of other material on “creating a course" but they felt outdated and I didn't feel like they covered all the tactics available to really crush it on Udemy which is why I created this course.Whether your goal is to start developing passive income or simply grow your thought leadership online this is the course for you...From others who were just starting out…"Scott is the man when it comes to Udemy (among other things!). What I learned from him helped me decide exactly what niche to focus on, how to create a high-value course and then how to launch and leverage Udemy platform for passive income. I will never forget a day when I made my first 1$ online and then after a few days, first 100$ online (I am now well into thousands per month). Thank you Scott!" -Bozidar Jovicevic"As a fitness instructor and business owner, I knew I wanted to create something that would get me paid without requiring me to show up and log all the long hours of labor that are usually required in my line of business. Scott introduced me to UDEMY and changed everything for me. The man is a total beast on the platform and was very helpful in getting me started making passive income with a Udemy course. Could not be more grateful for his help!" -Brandon EpsteinTo Instructors who already had courses..."I published my first course on Udemy two years ago, and it became one of the Top 5 Business courses on the site. I had worn out all my traditional marketing strategies and didn't know what else to do to attract more students and grow my income. Scott gave me one idea that allowed me to get 2,000 new students in less than a week - and I didn't need to spend a dime on marketing! I can't wait to continue riding the wave with Scott as Udemy explodes" -Tom Corson Knowles"When I created my recent Udemy course, I followed many of Scott's best practices for social proof, reviews, pricing, promotion, and more. The course earned over $3500 in the first 2 months. It was a lot of work to create the videos and the material, but now I have what I hope to be a passive income asset that will serve me for months or years down the road." - Nick Loper

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