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Designed for use with gels on hot-shoe flashes, the MagMod MagGel can hold and stack a variety of gels thanks to its clever magnetic design. The MagMod is the ideal accessory if you’re looking to diffuse light, reduce power, or add creative colour effects to your images. Gels not included.

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Gary Fong Lightsphere AdapterRing

The Gary Fong Lightsphere AdapterRing is a spare or replacement ring required to attach the ChromeDome to the Lightsphere Collapsible. Without the AdapterRing the ChromeDome will not securely fit. Please note: the Lightsphere AdapterRing is included with the Lightsphere Collapsible,...



Rosco CalColor Flash Pack

This filter pack contains a range of 66 filters in a range of 33 differing colours, each sized 3.8x14cm in order to fit most Speedlites. The range of pure shades has been selected to predictably add or subtract colour from your shot. The sheets can easily be trimmed and folded in...



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Lastolite Strobo Gel Set

The Lastolite Strobo Gel Set is designed for use with the Gel Holder Set (2603) and either the Direct to Flashgun Bracket (2601), or Ezybox Hotshoe Bracket (2414) and Plate Adapter (2611). The Gel Set includes twelve different gels- 1x Set of 3 Warming Gels - Full, 1/2 and 1/4 CTO,...



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The MagBeam Wide Lens from MagMod is specifically designed to work with the MagBeam (not included) full collapsed, and in conjunction with the MagMasks (not included). Its main purpose is to manipulate the light from your flashgun to project different patterns of light depending on...



MagMod MagGels Standard

Made from rigid polycarbonate, the MagMod MagGels Standard includes the following coloured gels: ¼ CTO, ½ CTO, Full CTO, ½ Straw (ideal for skin tones), ½ Plusgreen, ½ Blue, 3-stop Neutral Density and Opal Frost Diffusion. These gels are designed for use with a flashgun via the...



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