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The simple and functional MagMod MagBounce allows users to direct the light of their hotshoe flashgun accurately, with 360° of rotation in 4 different configurations. Courtesy of the MagGrip’s two extra-strong magnets, it fits on virtually any flash, and will remain firmly in place. It is constructed from durable, solid silicone, enabling it to fit into small spaces and pop into shape when needed.

Bargain Price: £59.99

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MagMod MagBeam Tele Lens

Designed to work with the MagBeam flash modifier (not included), the MagMod MagBeam Tele Lens is used to focus light into a tight, more intense pattern. The MagBeam Tele Lens can be used in just about any configuration: fully collapsed, semi-collapsed, and fully extended. For a spotlight effect, set your flash head zoom as wide as you can (24mm or wider), the wider the zoom on your flash, the cleaner the light will look from edge-to-edge.

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Honl Creative Filter Sampler Kit

The Honl Creative Filter Sampler Kit lets you get creative with your flash with this selection of coloured filters and handy carry pouch (holding up to 30 individual filters) together in one kit saving almost 10% on the individual prices. The kit includes the Colour Effects Filter Kit, the Hollywood Filter Kit and the Autumn Filter Kit, all designed to add dramatic colour to your images together with the Filter Roll-Up to store and protect them.

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Honl 5in Gold/Silver Snoot

Designed to give a gives a pleasing warm skin tone to portraits, similar to a warm sunglow and comparable to using a 1/4 CTO filter, the Honl Photo 5" Gold/Silver Snoot attaches and removes in seconds using the Honl Photo Speed Strap. The snoot concentrates the light from a hot-shoe flash for dramatic cinematic lighting. Perfect for everything from dramatic portraits to concentrating light on background elements.The material can also be mounted differently to the SpeedStrap to become a large area bounce surface.

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Lastolite Strobo Honeycomb Starter Kit - Direct to Flashgun

The Lastolite Strobo Starter Kits are designed to introduce photographers to the Lastolite Strobo system of light modifying products. These starter kits are stripped down versions of the original Strobo Ezybox Hotshoe and Strobo Direct to Flash kits. Now the photographer can enter the Strobo system from a different direction, whether it's via honeycombs, gels or barn doors. In addition to these kits, the components which make up the Strobo system are available to purchase individually, allowing the photographer to customise their own kits and modify their own existing equipment for use with Strobo. This Direct to Flashgun version includes the 2601 Direct to Flashgun Bracket and the 2602 3/8inch Honeycomb Grid.

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Interfit Strobies Modi-Lite Softbox

The Interfit Strobies Modi-Lite Softbox is designed for use with the Modi-Lite Uni-Mount. It's ideal for use with an off-camera light source - particularly for portraits and product photography - providing a softer, more natural light. The translucent diffuser is removable and allows you to achieve a high contrast 'bare bulb' effect. The softbox measures 30x21cm.

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