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LIGNUM TEEStarting with a white sheet of paper provides an enviable advantage one can dream about the best with no regard for the legacy. This is the situation we have been in when we decided to design a new Tee. We started by identifying all the features that will make a great Tee. We have considered several designs forms and materials and selected the ones that best satisfy the requirements of a highest-performance Tee. Based on this selection we set out to build in innovative functions which give the new Tee a decisive edge over competing products. The effort paid off as we managed to incorporate into the new design key differentiating and functionality-augmenting features.RingSystem the power of height consistencyLignum are the first tees with integrated height control - the innovative mechanism allows players to quickly and easily set up the same height over and over again. MicrowoodLignum Tees use specifically developed environmental material for perfect stability.Easy Exit S

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