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The price of this course will increase to $99 on Aug 1, 2015.BIG MONEY can be made when you know HOW!Making Money in the Music Industry Just Got a Whole Lot EASIER Because of This Amazing How-To Course that Reveals How ANYONE (Regardless of Experience) Can CASH IN on the NEW Opportunities in Digital and Live Music Today!Go from Amateur/Beginner to Live Tours! Perfect for Indie Artists who want a Major Label Contract! Build Your Audience – and Make a Fortune! Low-Cost Methods that will “Fast-Track" Your Career! Benefit from OUR Experience and AVOID Tragic Mistakes!!How can a young or newly-minted artist with NO music industry experience MAKE BIG MONEY in today's “digital" economy?It's very simple…And I know – because… I DID IT MYSELF!Hello, my name is Ty Phipps, and this is my true story about how I went from being an always-broke struggling intern to having a thriving, successful TOP-RATED ENTERTAINMENT BUSINESS that has put – literally – TONS OF MONEY into my family's pockets and bank accounts, and changed our life.I started out knowing NOTHING about how to survive and succeed in the music business!I had a few friends who gave me some “how to" tips. But after that, I was on my own. I learned everything the hard way. Often time, making expensive mistakes. Other times, stumbling onto a “miracle" that led to my music business going from a local one to the NATIONAL level!It's been 12 years since I started my professional career, and now I'm a success.I even help other young artists get into the business – because believe me, there's more than enough work to go around!All the sales, all the contracts, all the INCOME –CAN NOW BE YOURS FOR THE ASKING!All you need is to KNOW HOW to get started and market yourself as a successful artist.And that's what I'm finally ready to share with you.My 12 Years of Expertise Are Now In One “How-To" Start-Up Course!It's called “How To Break Into The Music Industry" – and it's by far the most definitive “how to" course of its kind anywhere.I've seen a lot of other courses being written by people who don't know what they're talking about. Believe it or not, even people who have NEVER been in the music business have the audacity to think they can TEACH YOU how to do it!Their books are weak, cheap, and a total waste of time, money, and opportunity.And as a young artist, you know you can't afford to lose or waste ANYTHING!That's why I took the time to write a “killer" how-to course that will show you ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING – FROM A TO Z – about how to get started in the music business… And I even include a list of books and other resources that I think are most valuable when navigating this tricky business.And Make Your FORTUNE!My course covers everything you need to know to get yourself the right strategy to be marketed… signed… and touring! Honestly: A hard-working artist in today's hyper-competitive music industry can't afford to be without this VITAL information.If you want to pull down the income and have the fame that you've always dreamed of, you can GET THERE when you discover all the little-known, closely-guarded secrets to making BIG MONEY with the hard-won experience that I'll share with you.I lay it all out, in precise detail, in my eye-opening course. It's literally a detailed blueprint – line by line -- for breaking into the music business with MASSIVE SUCCESS as your outcome!Every aspect is covered. From “legal" issues to technical – I cover it all.And once you learn these “inside secrets" of the industry, it's just a matter of time before… You Start Making BIG Money FASTER THAN YOU EVER THOUGHT POSSIBLE!I'm sharing this system with you for a price, naturally.It's quite reasonable, actually – just $97.That gets you all my expertise and money-making experience. It's worth a small fortune. People pay me upwards of $500 an hour to consult with them, one-on-one.But now you can learn it ALL – in one place, at one time – for just $97. That's a fraction of what people lose when they don't know what they're doing.But if you can recognize the HUGE opportunity for the kind of success you can achieve in the music industry when you know HOW, get this course in your hands right away.It will be a whole new life!Now you can have the KNOWLEDGE that it takes to SUCCEED in the music business.Most artists never get this!But in a matter of MONTHS, you can have your career UP AND RUNNING and MAKING YOUR MONEY!And with the SPECIAL SECRET that I reveal in Section 5 Marketing and Artist Development, you'll learn the AMAZING discovery that caused artists I've worked with to be FLOODED with calls from major labels! My phone was ringing off the HOOK because of this shocking little “trick" that I accidentally discovered!You'll learn all about that one – plus many more – in the spell-binding pages of my course.I call it simply…“How To Break Into The Music Industry"It's truly the definitive “business in a book" – because this information will make you a STAR!You're going to love how much money you can make (and how easily) once you master the secrets of the music business.Get your copy of my course today. You'll be glad you did!

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