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The Kingjoy “Joy of Landscape” tripods are designed to be compact, light and portable specifically for photographers who travel and need a tripod with them at all times. Just like the smaller “Scenery Fairy” range of Kingjoy tripods the legs fold in reverse to surround the centre column and ball head, even while the quick release plate is attached. It will fit into a backpack or small suitcase without any trouble as when folded down the tripod is only 48cm tall, and when fully extended it with the grooved centre column upaat the highest point the tripod will stand at a height of 167cm. However unlike the “Scenery Fairy” tripods the “Joy of Landscape” tripods can also be converted into a full-sized monopod by removing the grooved centre column and detachable leg. The high quality woven carbon fibre that the “Joy of Landscape” tripods are made from not only make them sturdy and strong enough to support a weights up to 10kg but also makes them very light, weighing in at only 1.69kg. The tripod comes with its own carry case so it can be conveniently transported without scratching or scuffing. The QB series ball head that comes with the tripod is robust, quick and easy to use and will deliver sharp images by keeping the camera securely locked in the chosen position. The head features an Arca-Swiss-style compatible quick release mechanism for fast camera attachment/detachment as well as an integrated bubble level to ensure that your images are perfectly horizontal The “Joy of Landscape” tripods can also be used for extremely low angle macro shooting thanks to the feature that allows you to remove the grooved centre column completely, by simply unscrewing the weight hook, and attach the head directly to the tripod. This means that the at its lowest setting the tripod is only 46cm tall, allowing the camera to sit a reasonably short distance from the ground for those close up shots. If that isn’t enough for you the grooved centre column is also reversible, permitting the camera to get even closer to the ground. Can turn into a monopod By simply removing the grooved centre column and the detachable leg and fixing them to one another the tripod can be turned into a monopod in less than a minute. 360° Panning Create the perfect panoramas with ease thanks to the fluid head system for precise image alignment. Lockable Leg Angle Positions The tripod legs can be independently locked at any one of three different angles. So you will be able to set up the tripod almost anywhere, no matter how confined the space or uneven the ground. Integrated Bubble Level There is a bubble level integrated into the tripod to help ensure the that all images taken using this tripod will be perfectly horizontal. Retractable Spiked Feet It doesn’t matter if the tripod is being set-up on a rough dirt trail half way up a mountain for that amazing panorama or in a photo studio for a close up product shot, thanks the retractable spiked feet the tripod will maintain its stability to get you that perfect shot. Centre Column Weight Hook A weight can be attached to the small hook, found at the bottom of the centre column, to increase the tripods stability

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