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One of the fundamental skills in Java language as well as in other programming langues is to master how to handle errors in applications.Java provides a powerful and flexible way to help you in controlling your programs in a stable mode even in cases runtime exceptions occur.Handling errors in Java applications involves Exception Handling, Assertion, and Logging.Exceptions handling may sound simple but if you don't know fundamental concepts and techniques clearly, you may or may have been using it in the wrong way.In the Exception Handling section, I will walk you through all the core concepts and vital techniques, including:Basic usage of try-catch blockException typesWhen to use throws and throw keywordsThe finally blockLocating exceptions codeNew features in Java 7: catching multiple exceptions, try-with-resourceMake your own exception classes.And more coming.You will also learning how to use the assert keyword and enable/disable it in your code.Along with Exception Handling and Assertion, you will also learn how to record information which might generate during the program execution with the Java Logging API.In this section, I will show you how to:Record information with different levels and HandlersCreate your own custom handler with custom format: text, HTMLChange the default settings for logging in JDK.The course includes all the sample source code for each lecture.Hope you enjoy the course, and do not hesitate to ask questions in the discussion section if you have any.

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