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So, you have learned some basic Java skills and know how to implement Object Oriented concepts in Java? Now, what to learn next?It's time to move your Java skills to the next level by mastering the Java Collections Framework and Generics.If you are planning to work with Java platforms at any levels, these topics are must-known skills that you need a long the way with your programming career.In this course, I will not just give you a list of the most popular Java collections, but you will also be able to distinguish the differences among those kinds of collections and know when to use for what for your programming jobs.The concept of hash code collections using hashing algorithm such as HashSet and HashMap is also clearly explained with pictures as well as implementation.For Generics section, you will not be limited at applying generics on collections like you might have encountered in other courses. In this course, you will learn from the basic of how to make classes and methods to be generic, to advanced techniques such as bounded type parameters, generics with inheritance, wildcards, rawtypes, and so on. And to help learners have a clear and comprehensive picture of generics, some behind-the-scene topics will be presented, including: autoboxing, unboxing, type erasure, and generic restrictions.The course comes with 2 quizzes, one for each section with many questions designed to help you remember and have a more understanding of the new concepts in the lectures. Questions in the 2 quizzes cover all the topics who have come across in the course.After complete all lectures, solidify your collections and generics skills with mini exercises. The solutions for each exercise is also attached.Finally, challenge your programming skills with the big exercise.The complete source code for the big exercise is also provided but I would highly recommend you should try to complete yourself first before taking a look at the provided solution.

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