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The foreign exchange market (Forex for short) is one of the fastest paced and most exciting markets in the world. This excitement and potential has attracted many new entrants into the market. The market is the largest financial market in the world giving investors plenty of opportunities to make money. However, in order to become successful, you must learn the essentials. In this course we will walk you through the basics of Forex trading and give you the foundation to start your career. As a beginning trader you must first learn the fundamentals of the market before you can dive right into trading. This course takes you from market basics to risk management. It gives short and concise lessons on all of the rudimentary Forex subjects. We all aspire to become financially independent, get a head start today. Most Forex courses will outline a specific trading strategy and expect you to follow it. However, since the strategy is not one that you produced, it unlikely you will follow it in times of adversity. Instead, in this course we set you up with the tools to begin to develop your own trading plan and not follow someone else's. Our goal here is to turn you into a Forex trader instead of a Forex follower. Traders are not born but are made. Through hard work and top notch education, you will be able to set yourself up for a successful new venture in the Forex market. Be prepared to commit to the concepts and fully engage. Our commitment is always to the student. For this reason, anytime you purchase a course from us, you will receive lifetime access to that course. In addition, you will receive unrivaled support from our team. Have a question about a concept? No problem, just contact our staff and we will get back to you as soon as we can. What will I learn in this course: Forex Market Basics Japanese Candlesticks Technical Analysis Fundamental Analysis Sentiment Analysis Demo Account Trading Risk Management

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