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Welcome to Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching from LearnSmart.Looking to become Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching Certified? Preparing to take the Cisco Exam 200-120?By the end of the course you'll demonstrate your proficiency in the principles, techniques, and tools involved in install, configure, operate, and troubleshoot networks. Be ready to prove to yourself, and others, that you are ready for Prove to yourself, and others, that you are ready for the Cisco Certified Network Associate (200-120) certification exam. If you're interested in becoming an accomplished Network Associate professional, this training will establish your understanding of all the fundamental concepts within CCNA routing and switching.Course Overview:These sections can be taken in any order, as a review of a particular concept or exam domain. However, if you are just becoming familiar with networking, it is recommended that you view the courses sequentially.In this course become familiar with the fundamental topics and skills required to install, operate, and troubleshoot a small to medium size enterprise branch networkCourse Breakdown:Section 1: In the pre-assessment quiz you'll face questions from all sections of this training. Test your current knowledge and know your strengths and weaknesses.Section 2: Understand the fundamentals of a network and learn about the operation of IP data networks, which will help administrators configure and troubleshoot issues moving forward.Section 3: Review the topics of LAN switching, WAN technologies by taking a closer look at the particular variables of Ethernet, switching, broadcast and collision domains, and basic switching concepts.Section 4: Take a look at both IPv4 and IPv6, and the role of IP addresses in network routing. Understand what subnetting and Variable Length Subnet Masks are.Section 5: Study about system and network management, and discuss the fundamentals of how the router boot process works.Section 6: Deepen your understanding of IP routing technologies and the fundamentals of how routing decisions are made within devices. Also focus on these particular routing protocols, EIGRP and OSPF, their fundamentals, and how to successfully configure each one.Section 7: Concentrate on some IP services, and router and switch security. Learn about DHCP and how to configure it on a router. Section 8: You will learn the skills to troubleshoot any router or switch issue. Walk through troubleshooting procedures and methodology. Explore how to troubleshoot IP addressing and switching problems, routing problems, as well as how to troubleshoot access control lists, WANs, and layer interface issues to enable efficient and secure network connectivity.Section 9: Demonstrate and prove your proficiency in the principles, techniques, and tools involved in install, configure, operate, and troubleshoot networks with this Final Exam.*The content in this course aligns with from Cisco.Recommendations:Learn from others! Here are some reviews from the participants enrolled in this course (Click on reviews to see full list of reviews)Smart method to learn - This course is helpful and using smart way to motivate thinking and understanding. The instructor has a professional delivery method, and the he materials are interesting and creative specially the flashcards and the exercises -- Ibrahim AlsayedGreat intro to CCNA - while this material can be pretty dry the instructor does a pretty good job of keeping the course interesting and informative. There is a lot of really good and easy to follow information. -- Sam DavidsonThe CCNA Routing and Switching Course does an in depth coverage of the topics that you will need to know to pass the CCNA certification test -- I highly recommend that anyone who wants to learn the material to take and pass the CCNA Routing and Switching exam, take this course. Those who master this course, will pass the exam on their first attempt. -- Bob Ziolkowski

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