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In this course titled 'Hypnosis – Heal Your Vertigo and Stop Dizziness.' By Pradeep Aggarwal , you will learn -· 1.What is meant by Vertigo and Dizziness?2.Causes of Vertigo 1) Hyperventilation 2) Substance abuse 3) Motion sickness 4) Anxiety or stress 5) Fear of heights 6) Anemia 7) Viral infections 8) Nutritional deficiencies 9) Too much sodium 10) High or low blood pressure 11) Brain tumors 12) Head injury 13) Poor circulation 14) Fever 15) Aging 3.Symptoms Of Vertigo 1) Dizziness 2) Nausea and vomiting 3) Loss of balance (especially falling toward the affected side) 4) Hearing loss in the affected ear 5) Ringing or other noises in the ears (tinnitus) and 6) Involuntary eye movements. 4.How Self Hypnosis Helps? 1) Self hypnosis steadfast the process of healing. 2) Anxiety related dizziness is easily preventable by using self hypnosis. This process works because these tools are used to retrain the way your mind responds to specific situations. 3) Not only can you program your mind to enjoy genuine relief from stress but also to experience a positive and upbeat attitude throughout your day. 4) Allows you to remove yourself from the pattern of thought that leads to worry, anxiety, stress, and ultimately, the sensation of being dizzy.You will be able to reduce and heal your vertigo and dizziness instantly using powerful imagery , self hypnosis , positive visualizations and affirmation.You will be able to reduce stress, sleep problems, depression and negative thinking using powerful affirmations which is given as a bonus along with the lecture .This course is very useful for those are mentally and physically suffering from the affects of vertigo and dizzinessThis course contains a lot of exercises and more than 30 minutes of live video content designed over 9 lectures in English.It is ideal for everyone who want to heal vertigo and dizziness problemsThis course contains-Lecture1:IntroductionLecture2:Remove Myths About Self HypnosisLecture3:Conscious Mind Vs Subconscious MindLecture4:How To Enter Into The State Of Self HypnosisLecture5:How To Master Self Hypnosis To Reprogram Your Subconscious MindLecture 6:Guided Visualization Exercise: Heal Vertigo And DizzinessLecture7:SummaryLecture8:Bonus Exercise - Affirmations For Depression, Stress, Insomnia And Negativity

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