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Through history stories have been used throughout the world and cultures, to form realities of our children, express important ideas inside business meetings, to introduce major new inventions, to innovate the way we think and also to influence nations. Consider having the ability to transform any story you tell into a hypnotic masterpiece. Stories inside hypnosis will catapult your influence and hypnotic maneuvers onto the level of mastery, leaving your clients spell bound. Welcome to our crash course guide to uncover the secret formula to creating a hypnotic stories on the fly with no scripts. A very overlooked form of hypnosis but something the masters in this field rely on to transform their subjects easily and with instant results. What you will learn: Hypnotic story break down Hypnotic story mindset creation How to rely on your own story telling ability that is inside your mind right now How to set a clear direction for your transformational story The simple dynamics of a good story that can be turned great every time How to take a story and make it hypnotic Adding simple hypnotic tricks to triple your influence If you are ready to explore the world of the most powerful hypnotic tool on the earth. You are about to embark into a hypnotic journey that will leave people in 'aw' of your creative ability and hypnotic power. The ultimate in hypnotic persuasion

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