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HotRox hand warmers are a brand new way of keeping your hands (and other parts of your body) warm. These reusable hand warmers are recharged by plugging it into a computers USB port. Hot Rox hand warmers are simple safe and easy to use.HotRox Electronic Hand warmer and USB lead this handy version can becharged from any 5V USB charger so from a laptop pc a usb car chargeror a traditional mains USB charger. HotRox comes with 2 heat settings providing up to 6 hours of heat on the medium setting and up to 3 hoursof heat on the high setting. It retains its charge for weeks on end soit is ready when you need it! You turn them on you turn them off! and they are reusable 500 times. What more could you want?! Reusable - Up to 500 Charges Turns on and off at the flick of a switch Heats up in 15 seconds Provides heat for up to 6 hours Includes: HotRox Electronic Hand Warmer USB Charge Lead Instructions Manual

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