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Available with or without batteries choose how you would like to purchase using the drop down option above. Note. If purchased without batteries no charger will be supplied, but the buggy will come with battery leads If purchased with 90Ah batteries a deluxe upgraded 12A charger will be supplied We are pleased to be able to offer to you the Hillman Pro Hawk GT Sport Golf Buggy from our latest range of Hillman golf buggies. We have many years of experience of both selling and servicing golf buggies so we know what makes a great buggy we have passed on this knowledge along with customer feedback to our suppliers and have launched a brand new range of buggies. The design amendments include the new steering wheel & accelerator functions, which make it even easier for car drivers to feel at home whilst driving this fantastic buggy. The new Steering wheel will feel the same in your hand as the one in your car, whilst the accelerator pedal which is operated by the right foot also gives the same feeling as driving your car. Forward and reverse is now engaged by turning the key in the ignition which means that you should never engage reverse accidentally. The Hillman Pro Hawk GT Sport Golf Buggy features a powerful upgraded 1000W motor and has a top speed of 12.5km/h but is very comfortable cruising at a walking pace allowing the driver to socialise with their playing companions as they enjoy the comfort of a buggy ride, in a way that is virtually impossible when riding a normal 2 seater golf buggy. Now fitted as standard on all Hillman Pro Hawk Golf Buggies are low pressure Balloon Tyres, these combined with the twisting chassis ensure that all 4 wheels remain in contact with the ground at all times and provide you with a smooth ride and piece of mind. The clever design of the chassis means that the Hillman Pro Hawk GT Sport Golf Buggy is easily assembled and disassembled in minutes and will fit into the boots of car boots. As with our trolley range, the Hillman Pro Hawk Golf Buggy has been through a rigorous testing background in our hire business, any problems with the design have long been resolved on this established product and we are certain that anyone purchasing the Pro Drive will be more than happy with the product for years to come. Unlike other companies our buggies are delivered fully assembled ready to be driven and are rigorously tested by our trained technical team before hand. Due to its lightweight and simple construction the buggy is very easily maintained. The initial warranty is 12 months for the buggy itself, all battery options come with a 6 month RTB warranty with the exception of the 90Ah batteries that are covered with a 12-month warranty direct from the UK supplier. They will also be supplied with a deluxe upgraded 12A charger. NOTE; Only orders placed after 23rd June 2017 will be delivered fully assembled and tested. Mobility Discounts This Ride on Buggy qualifies for sale at 0% VAT when purchased under the VAT relief disability scheme. To purchase the buggy VAT free your disability has to qualify. For VAT purposes, you’re disabled or have a long-term illness if: You have a physical or mental impairment that affects your ability to carry out everyday activities You have a condition that’s treated as a chronic sickness You are terminally ill You will also need to confirm in writing that you meet these conditions.

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