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Start the new school year in a new way! Show your child you are here for him/her and you are prepared to carry his/her burden of school together. Not to give some silly suggestions or orders but just to share your own experiences, desires, falls. You will be amazed how it works!---Great news!Thanks to newly established cooperation with MBTI® certified practitioner I can offer the world's best-known and the most trusted personality assessment tool available today: MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator).The subscribers of this course will get Basic assessment free of charge and the subscribers who will pay the course full price will get Step II assessment free of charge! You can use to know more yourself, or your teenage child. (Not younger than 16 years old.)This promotion offer is not applicable for those who pay for the course less than 50% of its price. Thank you for your understanding! --- This course help you to make this way smooth and full of joy.Read the reviews of this highly ranked course!What fathers say about this course: "Having small children I enjoyed the course very much. We want to be good parents and help our children in their teenage years. We want to be able to help them in the future. The course gives us concrete ideas of how to build our relationships and helps us learn how to listen to our children." MPMany of us have teenage children at home. Our cute babies become young adult and decisions about their future career take place. We want the best for them but how to recognize what is the right way? And what about if they don't want to communicate with us about their desires?May we recognize what kind of job is good for our children just according to their attitude to learning? I believe so. And I will show you how in this course. Six lectures in free preview mode! The whole first section is totally free that you have plenty of time to feel the essence of the course and decide if it is worth your money.--- You'll find the deepness of your teenage child during this course you didn't know about before. You'll be amazed how gladly your son/daughter will communicate with you about his/her school. Just follow the pattern described in this course. It is more than just self-paced study method, the source of good valuable information and suggestions. It is the way that leads to life-changing experiences! Just jump in, and the results surprise you.--- This course consists of 22 lectures (and 20 more as podcast), and four live online chats for discussing your specific challenges and needs. This innovative approach offers more than traditional discussion tools. You can share your personal struggles anonymously in a small group of other course participants. And the answer comes instantly! The course is designed for 12 sessions you should spend with your child. You have one week for each session of length approximately a one hour. So whole course should be finished in three months. You find a short introduction to each session in appropriate course lecture. The introduction explains what, why and how you should share with your child in this time. What you get from this course are: New kind of relationship with your child. Understanding to school attitudes of your son/daughter. Recognizing the particular skills of your son/daughter.Shape of the dream job of your child.The priorities and goals leading to dream job.New study routines established by your child.Subscribing this course, you also support project "School Can Be Fun". Other courses are being developed and some of them will be free. So participating you do something for you, for your family and also for others!This course is the third one in a project entitled "School Can Be Fun". You might consider taking also the first two just for inspiration: “Improve Your Study Skills – Ace Exams", “Boost Your Study Skills, Learn Deeper Learning Fast". Or it might be a good gift for your child. You can also find many other tips to help study more effectively on the project's Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages. And remember, this course comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. If you do not find it helpful, then you can request a refund. There's nothing to lose!

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