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Dunlop XPT Wedge The Dunlop XPT Wedge is engineered with a stainless steel head and a steel shaft for a clean contact with the ball. A gripped silicone handle promotes superior comfort and grip. > Gold club > Stainless steel Head > Steel shaft > Gripped handle > Bladed head type > Dunlop branding R/H 52

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Dunlop Tour Wedge

Dunlop Tour Wedge The Dunlop Tour Wedge offers superior comfort and control thanks to the Gecko-Tac gripped handle, coupled with a steel shaft and milled face for cleaner contact with the ball. This golf wedge also benefits from a blade head type for increased height and ball speed - finished with Dunlop branding for a sporty cool look. > Golf club > Gecko-Tac gripped handle > Milled face > Bladed head type > Steel shaft > Dunlop branding L/H 64

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Dunlop Tour Hybrid Wedge

Dunlop Tour Hybrid Wedge The Dunlop Tour Hybrid Wedge has a Gecko Tac grip which helps to reduce slipping and give better control of the club, this club also has a Grafalloy shaft which is designed for stronger swingers as it delivers a boring, penetrating trajectory via a stiff-tip micro-mesh technology which radically improves the torsional stability of the shaft whilst promoting a responsive feel. The Hybrid has a 21 degree head, the head is also coated in AEROSKIN which is designed to reduce drag and create a faster club and head speeds. - Player Type: Beginner/Intermediate - Handicap: High/Mid - Shaft: Steel - Head: Stainless Steel - Loft Options: SW,LW - Set: Individual R/H SW

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Dunlop NZ9 Wedge

Dunlop NZ9 Wedge > Player Type: Intermediate/Advanced > Handicap: Mid/Low > Shaft: Steel > Head: 8620 Carbon Steel > Loft Options: 52,56,60 > Set: Individual R/H 52

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Callaway Sureout Wdg 91

Callaway Sureout Wdg 91 R/H 58

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Dunlop DDH Wedge

Dunlop DDH Wedge The Dunlop DDH Wedge are constructed from high quality stainless steel for serious performance and durability, featuring an undercut cavity and muscle bar design for a forgiving yet powerful strike on all shots. > Irons > Stainless steel construction > Undercut cavity > Musclebar design > Gecko-Tac grip R/H 56

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