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Dunlop XPT Chipper The Dunlop XPT Chipper is engineered with a Gecko Tac gripped handle to offer great comfort to your hand as well as great grip. Its Stainless steel head and steel shaft is teamed with an alignment marker for accuracy. > Chipper > Alignment marker > Steel shaft > Stainless steel head > Gecko Tac grip > Dunlop branding R/H

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Dunlop Dual Chipper The Dunlop Dual Chipper provides flexible performance thanks to a dual sided head, allowing you to swing from both sides for maximum efficiency, complete with Gecko-Tac grip to the handle for total comfort. > Chipper > Dual head design > Gecko-Tac grip > Dunlop logo > This club is non-confirming to the R&A Rules of Golf...

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Wilson Prostaff Chipper The Wilson Prostaff Chipper has been designed to be more effective around the greens than the more lofted clubs in the bag. Wilson have used a club face with the loft of around an 8 iron that when used with a putting stroke will pop the ball up and get it running out on the green. This club will certainly add more consistency...

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