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The Datacolor SpyderCheckr allows photographers to colour calibrate their cameras, perform precision in-camera white balance and record known-colour samples. SpyderCheckr helps capture consistent colour from day to day and camera to camera and apply these results easily in your workflow with RAW import software such as, Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. The sturdy, eco-friendly design has 48 spectrally engineered colour patches, easy to use calibration software making post production quicker by getting consistent, predictable colour right from the start.

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Color Confidence GrafiLite Mini LED Lamp

The GrafiLite Mini allows you to view colour reference fan guides and swatches, accurately in natural daylight, day or night at any location. The compact high-quality flip light is surprisingly powerful for its size and is fitted with 12 extremely bright LED lights, making it ideal for colour selection and assessment. The GrafiLite Mini is ideal for designers, architects and anyone concerned with colour accuracy. The natural daylight balance provides optimum viewing conditions, making the GrafiLite Mini also convenient as a reading light. The pocket light is approximately 6 x 8 x 3cm so is extremely portable and can easily be carried with your colour guides to any location, enabling you to assess colour differences accurately and clearly wherever you are.

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Datacolor SpyderCheckr 24

The Datacolor SpyderCheckr 24 is a new addition to the SpyderCheckr product line and is a versatile camera colour calibration and white balance target for photo and video colour control for on-the-go professional photographers and videographers. Portable and affordable, SpyderCheckr 24 is designed to colour manage camera and scene for both still and motion imaging workflows.

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Datacolor Spyder Print

The Datacolor Spyder Print offers easy to use, full-featured solutions for your professional printing needs and allows you to create custom profiles for flawless printed images. Select any combination of printer, media and ink and Spyder Print provides the tools to let you push the limits of advanced inkjets to create gallery quality prints in colour and black and white. Spyder Print gives you full control of your printer output with the ability to create a number of custom profiles to ICC Standards. Simply install the software, print your choice of targets with your printer and then use the Spyder Guide device to help step you through the easy process to calibrate and build a profile. Designed for professional photographers, fine art printers and production professionals, the Datacolor Spyder Print is for anyone who wants accurate print-to-screen matching.

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Colour Confidence GrafiLite

View prints and colour swatches in natural light, indoors, day or night, with the Colour Confidence GrafiLite. Colour appearance becomes distorted under standard home and office lighting and surrounding colours will bias your colour perception. The GrafiLite allows you to assess colour differences accurately and clearly.

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QP card 101

Achieve accurate and consistent colour, exposure control, and white balance with the QPcard 101. This greyscale reference card features three spectrally neutral patches – neutral dark grey (35*0*0), mid grey (48*0*0), and white (95*0*0).The card is self-adhesive and easily placed within the test image. This pack contains 3 cards.

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