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Learn about Data Flow Diagrams (DFDs), Context-level DFDs, and Rigorous Physical Process Models (RPPM), what they are, why they are important, and who can use them. Getting from someone's explanations of how they do their job to usable and accurate workflow descriptions can be a daunting proposition. The course uses a concrete business scenario to present a simple, easy-to-learn approach for creating these diagrams from an interview with a Subject Matter Expert (SME). You will learn how to create a Rigorous Physical Process Model, evolve it to a Context-Level Data Flow Diagram, and explode the context-level process(es) and data to reveal the nitty-gritty detail (individual process specifications and detailed data specifications) that developers need.The course answers the following questions:What is a Data Flow Diagram (DFD)?What is a Rigorous Physical Process Model?What is a Context-Level DFD?Why should I use Data Flow Diagrams?What symbols can I use on each type of diagram?How can I drill down into a process?How can I show internal processes and flows that produce the results?What does balancing a Data Flow Diagram mean and what is the business value?What is the most efficient approach to balancing a DFD?What business value do process specifications offer?How can I express detailed specifications for processes and data?What is “metadata" and why do you need it?What does a fully balanced DFD look like?What value does a DFD fragment provide?Regardless of your job title or role, if you are tasked with communicating a workflow or functional requirements to others, this course will help. It is interactive (includes exercises with instant feedback), instructionally designed (based on modern learning theory), and "intellimated™" (uses animated visuals with an accompanying audio track) to hold your interest and increase retention.

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