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The Custom Brackets QR tripod quick release is a must for taking full advantage of the Custom Bracket systems when using a tripod. Supplied with a 1/4" x 20 threaded hole. The Custom Brackets QR is not for use with QRS-35-PJ, CB Junior, CB Digital-S, CB Digital-T or CB Mini.

Bargain Price: £29.99

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Custom Brackets CB Digital-T

Manufactured from black anodised aluminium for strength and minimal weight, the Custom Brackets Digital-T bracket is designed for use with larger film or digital SLR's with a battery grip attached. Spring loaded tension makes it easy to rotate from horizontal to vertical. The bracket is designed to be maintenance free with comfortable left or right-hand foam grip, with an optimised height to reduce Red-Eye and shadows. The Custom Brackets CB Digital-T includes a cork base, to protect the bottom of the camera, camera mounting screw and flash mounting knob for both flash and off camera cords.

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Custom Brackets FCN

The Custom Brackets FCN is a flash mounting plate for attaching Canon Off Camera Cords 2 and 3 and Nikon SC-17, 28 and 29 to Custom Bracket camera and flash brackets.

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Custom Brackets C-SP

The Custom Brackets C-SP is designed to attach a C35 camera plate to a QR-C (Camera Quick-Release). The C-SP requires one camera plate for each camera and a QR-C (Camera Quick-Release). It is compatible with all Digital and 35mm Camera Rotating Brackets.

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Custom Brackets BH-1 Battery Holder

The Custom Brackets BH-1 Bracket is designed to support clip type batteries such as Quantum and Lumedyne, on a tripod or light stand of 1/2" to 1-1/4" width.

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Custom Brackets CB Junior Kit

The unique design of these brackets enables you to quickly rotate your SLR camera from a horizontal to vertical position at a moments notice, while still keeping your flash above the camera. The flash can be centred above the lens for both horizontal and vertical position. Features an aluminium construction with a comfortable foam grip, a fold-in leg for standing and a thread for tripod mounting. Included in the kit are the AT camera anti-twist bar, to prevent rotation of the camera body,and the CN-JR anti-twist mount for an off camera cord.

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Custom Brackets FR

The Custom Brackets FR is a replacement flash receiver which can also be used as a mount for a second flash on a Custom Bracket flash mount.

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Interfit Strobies Triple Flash Bracket

The Interfit Strobies Triple Flash Bracket has been designed with ease of use in mind. A compact yet strong and versatile design makes it ideal for mobile studio set-ups. The bracket has three flash shoe mounts and a tilt handle to enable the perfect positioning of your lighting when mounted on a lighting stand. Used with the INT333 Strobies boom arm you can have an assistant follow the action whilst panning high actions images, wedding photographers can hold the lighting high above a group to remove shadows in the background and event photographers can use the bracket to obtain control in smaller location shoots where mains power may not be available.

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Wimberley M-2 Upright Flash Bracket Module

The Wimberley flash bracket system is beautifully engineered and highly modular; fitting together securely and providing you with an enormously versatile way of attaching flashes and accessories to your camera. Don't compromise: Build and modify your flash bracket system with pieces which precisely conform to your desired specification. The flash is connected via Arca-style QR clamps and all fitting knobs are captured, to prevent accidental loss. Module 2 Forms a vertical upright for the F-1 telephoto bracket.

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Custom Brackets CK-502

The Custom Brackets CK-502 is an add-on bottom plate for the Digital PRO-E, for use with a Custom Brackets tripod quick release (QR).

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Westcott Triple Threat

The Westcott Triple Threat Flash Bracket is designed to provide an elegant and affordable solution to mounting three flashguns on the shaft of a Parabolic Umbrella, Halo or Apollo. This bracket allows you to centre the guns perfectly within the modifier making full use of the surfaces and giving a uniform light. The adjustable shoe fitting allows fitting of almost all standard hotshoe mounted flashguns (except Sony/Minolta).

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