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The Custom Brackets LF flash mounting plate is for use with waist level cameras, the LF allows the flash to move 1", 2", or 3" forward giving room to look into the view finder. For 35mm, the LF allows the flash to move 1", 2" or 3" back for better balance when using different lenses.

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Interfit Strobies Boom Arm - 2m

The Interfit Strobies Boom Arm allows an assistant to hold your lighting above the subject. Each arm has a padded grip and a cover at the base, for a comfortable and strong grip. The arm has three telescopic joints for extended use above the subject. Ideal for use with Strobies XS brackets, Triple Flash Brackets, Strobies Pop up Softboxes, Strobies Radio sets with Strobies accessories attached, such as a softbox or beauty dish. (Bracket, flash and umbrella not included)

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Custom Brackets CB Mini

Made from anodised aluminium the simple Custom Brackets CB Mini bracket will allow you to take the flash off camera when using an off-camera cord or wireless operation.

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Custom Brackets QR

The Custom Brackets QR tripod quick release is a must for taking full advantage of the Custom Bracket systems when using a tripod. Supplied with a 1/4" x 20 threaded hole. The Custom Brackets QR is not for use with QRS-35-PJ, CB Junior, CB Digital-S, CB Digital-T or CB Mini.

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Lastolite Joe McNally Triflash

The Lastolite Joe McNally TriFlash is the latest addition to the successful TriFlash range. Joe's version of this product features unique rotating shoe mounts which allow him to position his flashguns so that the IR receiver on the guns are always pointing to camera position, ensuring reliable off camera flash triggering, particularly in bright conditions where Joe sometimes finds IR triggering can be difficult.

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Custom Brackets CMP

The Custom Brackets CMP is a reversible camera plate that works with all cameras, with or without a vertical grip. With true camera anti-twist features, including a double lock feature that locks the camera to both the front and bottom of the plate. If you are buying this camera plate for use with a camera with a vertical grip on a QRS-35-EV or QRS-35-H, your bracket may not stand correctly. You will not need to worry about this if you have a PRO Series bracket or a QRS-E2 or QRS-H2.

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